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Honestly i genuinely enjoyed this. i like how the amount of words per town was even.

Thank you!! 


This is a cool idea. As an autistic person I just wanted to let you know that most autistic people prefer being called "autistic people" over "people with autism." Most of us feel that our autism is an inalienable part of who we are and we feel that calling us people with autism undermines that and unintentionally validates the viewpoints of those who want to change who we are. Of course every autistic person is different and there are some who are okay with or even prefer person-first language, but they are in the minority.


Hi! Thanks for your comment. Actually, we didn't know that, so thank you for let us know 😊


As someone on the autistic spectrum, I think this game might be too hard for younger children especially ones with short attention spans. 

Thank you for your comment. As there are many levels into this spectrum, it was to hard to make a appropriate study for this game, because we made it all in just a week for a game jam. We are working on another videogame with maths as main topic, with different levels of difficulty, and we hope that this problem gets solved for this new game. On this game, The Wordland Scape, we eliminated the competitivity not showing a clock and not comparating the final score, so it doesn't happens anything bad if the player just find a few words, so we tried with this to make a videogame not frustrating and with this, the level of difficulty decreases a little. But, obviously, for making this game better, we should study with professionals and testers so we could adjust the hardness better.

Thank you again for your comment, we will consider it for our new game :)

i absolutely love this

Thanks!!! <3

Fun game, the art is really good

Thanks a lot!! <3

The music is so chill - I absolutely love the game!

Thank you!!!

The art is amazing

Thank you!! :D